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Dr. Atlin has been treating me since 2006.. After experiences chronic pain following spine surgery. One of the first things Dr. Atlin said to me was, "... I promise, you are going start feeling a whole lot better..." Since then, I have trusted Dr. Atlin, not only as my medical provider, but a partner and trusted friend who has helped me win back a more productive and happier life. My only regret is not seeing him sooner.Mark Gomez

With a heart condition and two failed back surgeries, Pedro Garcia Jr. needed more than just pain relief. Dr. Neil Atlin understood the kind of care Pedro required in order to feel less discomfort and achieve a healthy lifestyle. Newly retired and active, Pedro is now fishing in Hot Springs, AR alongside his wife and family.Pedro Garcia Jr.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Atlin for fifteen years due to extreme chronic pain caused by an near fatal auto-accident in 1964. Since the accident, I have been constantly looking for a doctor who treated people like me. When I finally found Dr. Atlin in 2000, he asked me if I wanted to take a pain vacation. After gaining a full understanding of what I needed, Dr. Atlin was able to treat me accordingly, with such great care. I was then admitted to the hospital for a trial run of a Medtronic pain pump, which pumped pain medicine directly into my spine. It’s easy to see that Dr. Atlin truly makes every effort to help those who need him. I can’t even begin to think what it would be like if I didn’t have Dr. Atlin as well as his desire to help me live a pain free life.Donna Peterson

In January 2013, I moved to the Dallas area and had problems finding a competent doctor to take over the care of my pain pump. Until I found Dr. Atlin, I had pain that required me to take medication and have my pump filled once a month. Now, because of Dr. Atlin's care I no longer need any pain medication, and only have to have my pump filled every 3 months. Dr. Atlin has improved the quality of my life; I will forever be thankful for everything he has done for me and continues to do.S. Gonzales

I have been to several doctors concerning my left knee. After receiving treatment from Dr. Atlin I finally had some relief from the pain in my left knee. Now I'm walking better and looking forward to finishing my treatments so I can go back to doing the things before my injury. I feel confident that once I complete my treatment with Dr. Atlin, I will be back to normal...or pretty close to it!Millie R.

In ten years, Dr. Atlin was the only doctor that could help me manage my pain. I had also experienced bankruptcy because of past medical bills and Atlin has put a complete stop to it. I am not only very thankful for his knowledge and care, but also his lifelong friendship!George Hubbard

Dr. Atlin is truly my angel on earth! After seeing numerous pain doctors in the Frisco/Plano areas; having many procedures, I was told I had no options left. I was ready to give up until I was referred to Dr. Atlin. Dr. Atlin gave me my life back, literally! Dr. Atlin knows pain, the body and the patient. I thank Dr. Atlin for all he has done.Tricia Rodick

With guidance from Dr. Atlin as well as some good friends, I am now in the best shape I’ve ever been in. As a result, I started competing in figure and turned pro last year! I never believed that I could ever get back in the gym, but due to Dr. Atlin’s help, spinal stimulation, medication, and prayer, I am doing so well. Even though stress and cold weather bother me, I will always be thankful for all that Dr. Atlin has done for me. Yolanda Anthony

When I came to Dr. Neil Atlin, I was depressed, over weight, and in what I considered to be constant uncontrollable pain. The first thing he addressed was me the person and then the pain. He directed me to the proper place to deal with my severe depression and we started the journey of getting my pain to a place I could handle it. I would recommend this man to anyone that wants a doctor that hasn't forgot you're human. I am now able to manage my pain and I know it's only because of Dr. Neil Atlin.Sharon J. Smith

Dr. Atlin has been the best doctor to me. He was straight with me from the beginning. Had he not been, I would probably still be in a wheelchair. Am I pain free? No. But because of the great care I recieved from Dr. Atlin over the years, I can walk, drive, feed myself, etc.. It's good to be alive.Michael Yordy