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Achieving A Pain Free Recovery

Part of achieving a pain free recovery is maintaining a healthy lifestyle; however, most of us don’t have the tools or education to create wholesome habits for the mind and body. Because Complex Pain and Wellness recognizes what is necessary for each patient, we establish personalized wellness plans that turn goals into reality.

Meet our patient Pedro Garcia Jr., a 78 year old recent retiree from Amarillo, TX. Pedro and his wife have recently moved to Hot Springs, AR from Springtown, TX in order to retire in the company of their kids and grandchildren. Mr. Garcia hates to leave Dr. Atlin’s care, but is now strong enough to fish and be active with his grandkids!

After surviving a motor vehicle accident and two failed back surgeries, he suffered from chronic back pain and other related conditions. But once Pedro found Dr. Neil, he was able to experience a healing process for his mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Atlin’s main focus was to address all of Pedro’s needs, including looking into his current heart condition as well as depression. By completing Genetic Testing, prescribing compounded cream, and changing the heart medicine in his pain pump, Pedro immediately felt relief!

Complex Pain and Wellness prides itself on listening to each patient in order to find the pain from the source, plus manage it throughout the recovery process. As a result, Pedro is now enjoying a healthy lifestyle with less pain and increased mobility. He thanks Dr. Atlin for caring about his everyday needs, from the initial visit to the moment he could effortlessly pick up his fishing pole again!

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